Wednesday 16 July 2014

The Orthodox Way of Prayer - New Book

The successful Orthodox Way of Prayer is being organised in a further three locations over the next few months. To support this study day programme Father Peter Farrington is researching and writing a book, The Orthodox Way of Prayer, which is an accessible introduction to the Orthodox spiritual life, ideal for Orthodox and those exploring Orthodoxy.

The volume will be published on December 1st, 2014 in a paperback and a hardback edition.
This book will contain a complete course in Orthodox Prayer directed at the ordinary Orthodox Christian and those interested in learning about Orthodoxy. It will be serious and comprehensive without being overly technical or complicated.

Advance orders are now being taken to help produce this useful publication. All advance orders will receive a completely unique copy of the book with a printed personalised dedication to the customer or any other person, and signed by the author. These unique personalised editions can be dedicated to family members, friends, clergy as an ideal gift. Please place your order and you will be contacted to provide details of the unique dedication to be printed in your copy.

Why place an Advance Order?

The invitation to order a special, personalised and unique copy of the book in paperback or hardback is a means of helping to cover the costs of researching and producing the text. Please consider seriously placing an Advance order to help produce this useful and instructive book. Only advance orders will receive these unique, personalised copies.

Each copy will be despatched worldwide on the publication date. Postage and packing is included in this special edition cost.

Those taking out an Advance Order will also receive copies of two eBooks by Father Peter Farrington: Orthodox Christology and Reflections. The first is a collection of substantial essays on aspects of Orthodox Christology, while the second is a collection of Homilies on the readings from the Coptic Lectionary.

The eBooks will be sent within a few hours of placing the Advance Order. 

Please place your advance order today using these links. We need quite a few more Advance Orders to cover development costs so consider if you can be one of those who make this project happen - while receiving an entirely unique book.

Personalised and Signed Paperback Edition - £25
Full colour cover.

Personalised and Signed Hardback Edition - £60
Full colour dust-jacket. Blue linen cover. Gold spine text.

Personalised and Signed Special Full-Colour Edition - £200
Full colour wrap-around cover. 

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