Thursday 27 August 2015

Status Update - A New Beginning

Today I was blessed to have a warm and fruitful meeting with His Grace Bishop Angaelos at the Coptic Centre, Stevenage. During the meeting I was able to discuss His Holiness' intention for my future service within the Coptic Orthodox Church.

I am very pleased that it has been decided that I will serve as a priest of the Patriarchal Diocese of the Coptic Orthodox Church, and that I will report to His Grace Bishop Angaelos, who will have the care and supervision of my ministry.

It has been agreed with Metropolitan Seraphim that I will continue to develop the three missions in Swindon, Windsor and Stoke, and these will now be English language mission communities within the Patriarchal Diocese.

Over the next few days I hope to begin to plan the renewed schedule of services and activities in these places, and will continue to be in regular contact with His Grace Bishop Angaelos so that he can advice and direct this missionary ministry within the Coptic Orthodox Church.

I hope to have other things to report in due course. But this is certainly a new beginning for myself, and for the mission communities I have been serving. Please continue to pray for me, for my family, and for all those entrusted to my care.


  1. This is exciting news, and I am sure an answer to much time spent in prayer. Wonderful news!

  2. This is GREAT. It is a strong message that Coptic Orthodox Church is not an ethnic church as many misunderstand. It is a message that as long as the church doctrine is solid, none Egyptians, whatever their background are welcome. This a message to all of us, we have to overcome our fears of fellow Christians joining form other cultural backgrounds. Thank you Bishop Angaelos for that wonderful message. It is definitely appreciated especially by our youth.