Sunday 27 February 2011

Latest Developments

It has been busy over the last few months. I have just reached the second anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood and the time which is required just to achieve a bare minimum in ministry is increasing all the time. Our little Orthodox community now enjoys a regular Bible Study, as well as our weekly Liturgies. During March we are planning to also begin a weekly Introduction to Orthodoxy evening for our catechumens and other interested people, whether Orthodox or not.

Today we held a Family and Friends liturgy. This is a regular event, just a normal Liturgy, but one to which we invite our friends and family, and the growing number of enquirers who contact us. It was a great blessing to have 8 visitors with us this morning, some of whom had never attended a liturgy before. We hope that they will want to participate in some of the activities we are organising and planning.

I am continuing to work on the Book of Saints which I have chosen to self publish. Perhaps I will post some excerpts from the book on this blog in due course.