Sunday 22 June 2014

Can British People Become Orthodox Too?

The greatest of church buildings in East or West have the effect of lifting the soul to worship God. They are the most fitting locations for the gathering together of the Church in celebration of the Liturgy and to offer praise and prayer. But beyond the wonder of the most beautiful of architecture and decoration, the construction of the spiritual temple built together from the living stones of the lives of men and women, is that which delights the heart of God above all.

It is this spiritual temple which will last into eternity when even the greatest of churches and cathedrals have crumbled. It is this spiritual temple which is already the New Jerusalem in which God dwells, and which will be revealed in the last days.

As the Scriptures say..

You also, as living stones, are being built up into a spiritual temple. 1 Peter 2:5

And our Lord Himself spoke of building just such a spiritual temple. The Jews accused him, saying...

We heard this man say, 'I will destroy this Temple built by human hands. And three days later, I will build another Temple not made by human hands.' Mark 14:58

What is the Temple that the Lord constructed in his own passion and resurrection? It is the Temple of His own Body. United with Him in baptism and in the reception of the Holy Mysteries, we too are being built up into this spiritual building. So too are each of those who are being reached, and taught and converted to the Orthodox Faith by our Orthodox Missionary ministry in the UK.

This living Temple matters, it is what will remain when everything in this passing world has fallen into dust. Will you help us build this living Temple here in the UK? It is worth more in the eyes of our Heavenly Father than even the most beautiful construction of brick and stone.

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