Friday 27 June 2014


Today has been fruitful and useful. I drove down to Farnham in Surrey to meet Chris, and to discuss the future development of Orthodox missionary activities there. I met him at the Anglican Church of St Peter, Wrecclesham, Farnham. It is an attractive Victorian building full of air and light. The sanctuary is very spacious and it is an ideal location for the Orthodox Way of Prayer event I am organising for Saturday, 26th July.

We were shown around the building by Sandy, one of the ministers there, who could not have been more welcoming and friendly. There was every reason to be grateful to God for opening this door of opportunity for us in Farnham.

After visiting the Church of St Peter, we drove into Farnham town centre. I'd never been there before. It is most interesting and historic. Well worth some hours of anyone's time. Chris had arranged for me to visit the United Reformed Church in the middle of the town, and meet Michael, the minister there.

This is a large, light and well constructed building. At the entrance to the property there is a small cafe run by the members of the Church, and passing through this we entered the Church itself and spent some time looking around. We were a little early for our appointment and so Chris and I sat and talked about the possibility for Orthodox mission in the town. After only a few minutes Michael arrived and greeted us warmly, then fetching us something to drink.

We had a most enjoyable and wide ranging discussion. It seemed that we were being introduced to another open hearted partner by God who prepares all things. Indeed we were offered the use of this centrally located and highly visible Church for the Orthodox mission we described to him.

Glory to God. We will begin slowly and seek to grow organically but we already have friends in Farnham. We now have the Orthodox Way of Prayer organised for July. And when we have reflected on the results of that event we will begin a regular monthly meeting for Orthodox Prayer and Study, before commencing occasional celebrations of the Liturgy. All of these developments now seem possible. Pray with us earnestly for this missionary activity and that a British Orthodox community will be established in this place.

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