Wednesday 10 September 2014

Orthodox Mission Report - September 10th

Last Saturday we were able to organise the Orthodox Way of Prayer at St Andrew's Church of England in Windsor. This was the third presentation of this much appreciated study day. The ancient Church of St Andrew, over one thousand years old, is used by the British Orthodox Community of St Andrew for the liturgy and other services which are conducted each month.

There was a very engaged and communicative group of participants. I gave several talks on the Orthodox spirituality of prayer with time for discussion and practical exercises. And Annie, a wonderful iconographer and member of our Orthodox Community of St Andrew in Windsor gave an illustrated lecture on icons. We shared a simple buffet lunch together with much conversation and warm fellowship. The event began with the hour of Prime and concluded with the hour of None.

One of the participants was kind enough to say that she had heard the best teaching on prayer that she had ever received at this event. Much gratitude is due to those who provided funds to support this event. May the Lord bless each one of you. The event could not have taken place without your generosity and prayers.

We are already planning for a fourth presentation of the study day to be held in Chatham, and based on our Orthodox Community of St Alban. These events have proved a very useful means of making contact with non-Orthodox in each area who have an interest in learning more about our Orthodox spirituality.

It would be wonderful if we could obtain a second-hand digital projector to allow us to show illustrations during some of the spiritual lectures we are offering. At the Windsor presentation of the Orthodox Way of Prayer we were able to borrow a projector but in the future we would like to have one we can rely on being able to use. Will you help to fund such a second-hand projector by making a donation of any amount today?

This week I am preparing material on Evangelism in the European Cultural Context, and Developing a Missionary Orthodox Church, for a conference I have been asked to participate in. While I am also very committed to preparation for a three week Theology teaching programme that I will be giving to an Orthodox community in October.

I am working with the Orthodox Community of St Chad in Stoke to organise a weekend of missionary activities later this year. At present we have agreed that we will be showing an Orthodox film, quite probably the excellent documentary about the Jesus Prayer. The local community will be invited to watch the programme with us, and we will provide a warm welcome and refreshments. I am travelling up to Stoke this Monday to lead a study into the Virgin Mary in the Scriptures and early Church writings. This is a second study in a series we are calling The Narrow Way. The first of these events in August drew participants from our local British Orthodox community, but also from the other Orthodox and non-Orthodox communities in the area.

Each day there are increasing numbers of enquirers to correspond with and meet in person. There seems to be a growing interest in learning about our Orthodox Faith. It is not for us to know how long each journey to Orthodoxy might take, but we are committed to doing all that is necessary to help each enquirer understand our Orthodox life in Christ and be able to make an informed decision about choosing it for themselves.


Will you help support this ministry? These opportunities will only be properly used if funding is provided from supporters of this missionary work. If you cannot help then please consider sharing this request with those who can. God provides the opportunities and his people provide the resources.

Please consider making a contribution now on this page. Significant funding is required but the smallest donation makes a difference. You can make a contribution now using these links. May God bless each generous heart.

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